Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011


dear you, i know that we're not a couple but everyone knows that we're more than friends. you've been there, thanks for acting like you cared for this whole time this whole goddamn 5 months :'( never thought that we'll be apart like this and i hate how suddenly i know that im not ur really one and only, just so you know it hurts so bad. i love you and im glad that i know that you love me too. but thing went so complicated, and i guess you're happy with her. without me. ok but im absolutely not. once again im not okay. loving you is like well idk... full of happiness and bullshits. i just confused. why you did this? i know you're a goddamn jerk but somehow i keep loving who hurt me the most, and thats you. i saw ur status. haha. how i miss you when i looked at our photos our chats, when im starting flashing-back thinggy, remember how you protected me from those abanng2 rusuh haha when you drove me back when you smiled at me, when you said "ceking, dagu berlebihan hahaha, the day we first met aaand etc. srry i just cant hold on anymore and i know its sucks how i must accept that you love her too, and im falling apart lykkk daaamn how could this is happening haha nevermind ok.... longlast. hope you always happy with her and for this time im still in love with you. yep. haha just forget about it. ok once again thanks. really appreciate what you've done to me. bye alay :"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""(

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