Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010


ok hi there. im going to tell ya my last week activity. umm dunno where to start. ok i hang out with aga (again) haha plus rifkyshelin & kevingia. yep they're couples. and im not. HAHA. ok we watched Resident Evil: After Life. not bad. well but i didnt like the zombie thingy. ohyea we went to fx. first aga picked me up at alpus, cause im about to visit my lovely and funny teacher named pak nirwan. but i didnt have much time sooo sorry papiii im not visiting you hehe well i've already promised to hangout first, huhu gwrs papiii me love youu :)

theen we went to sency accompanying shelin and rifky. then i met ryka!!! and she's so damn hysterical about meeting someone! hahah theeen my mom called me. ask me lyk "where are ya??? i've waited here since 1 hours ago!!!" then aga drove me back with rifky. then i went to ps met my parents. bought some clothes and othersss. well its my mom's birthday!!! happy birthday mommy you know me love ya! even tho' you're pretty much annoying :P but you're still my one and only mom! right? right!

almost forgot!!!! about jakarta jam day 01!! me mellia and annah watched flo rida, chinggy, fade2black and flo rida crew that so what ever name haha but they were pretty cool pretty awesome tho. butt in the end of the concert my mom began to mad and nangging all the time! bcause its already 00:00! and im still stuck between those fucking carss. well blame flo rida mom! not meee :P hehe

ok thats all haha but there's still other stories that i cant share HEHE. OK THEN LOVE Y'ALL

regards, dharmest. xoxo

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