Jumat, 03 September 2010


hello. im hungry, because im fasting yea! haha um have nothing to do cause im not going to school. holiday just started um 3 days ago i guess. haaaa i'll post some photos during ramadhan. yepp meet my new school mates yeah ALPUS 3 2013.

well not all of em but thats when we break-fasting-together at omar's plus Saur on the road. (from left to right: ryka, sabila, me, della, ashfira, mega, nadya, gia, asya, augie, mitha, nadoom, caca, ano, aysha, fanni, tayu, raya, annah, rena and omar! and still sooo many pictures. and then this is the break-fasting-together thingy at our beloved school.

and this is the pict when iqsi's birthday bash at her house, well si it was quite awesome but your house is soooo far far awayy from mine...

andd the last but not the last the birthday guurrrllllllll named IQSI well i know this is sucha late-post but HAPPY BIRTHDAY IQSIII ONCE AGAIN!! WISH YA ALL THE BEST<3

ok then toooolooooous :*

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